Export Services


About MM&A

MM&A leverages export marketing and sales as one measure to enhance their clients’ top line results: increased qualified leads, increased sales, and enhanced, long‑term, company value.

MM&A brings to the industry a unique approach engaging with, supporting and advising clients at  each stage of strategic planning – research, design, implementation and assessment.

Selling a Business

Deciding to sell your business is a complex decision and, most likely, one of the biggest financial events in your life. To get maximum value for your business, it’s critical that you have professional representation to properly position it in the market.

With Muise Mergers & Acquisitions assisting you, you can focus on running your business profitably, while we market, help negotiate and assist in closing the transaction.

Q&A On Buying a Business

Questions and Answers on How to Buy Business

Thinking about buying a business? More and more investors are considering the acquisition of an existing business as the best way to control their own destiny and accumulate wealth. It is estimated that over 80 percent of the millionaires in the United States own their own business. Below are some questions frequently asked by entrepreneurs considering the acquisition of a business.