Muise Equipment Leasing


Why lease with Muise Equipment Leasing

  • We are committed to quick service
    We guarantee that all business calls will be returned from our advisors within 2 business hours.
  • Quick credit decisions
    Most standard evaluations can be made in 2-4 business hours. More complex deals are completed usually within 6-8 business hours.
  • Fast Payment
    If a deal is submitted for funding in the morning, the funds to pay your invoice have usually been electronically deposited in your bank within hours of the confirmation of equipment delivery.
  • But...not to quick
    Customer service is more than a promise... it is what sets us a part from the rest of the industry. Each and every customer is important. If we treat you this way, you know we are also treating your customer with the same respect.
  • It's easy
    Send us a completed credit application... that's it! We will do the rest.

What are the benefits of leasing?

  • Cash flow is "King" to a small business
    Prefer making small payments than a larger cash outlay.
    Leasing preserves working capital.
    Prefer to pay over time if given the choice
  • It's all about write off
    If you make a profit, these profits are taxable and leasing can write off 100% against taxes due to Revenue Canada.
    Depreciation can stay on the books for a very long time.
    Ownership options are easy and transparent.
  • It's all about perception
    Promotes "use", not ownership
    Lease payments meet or beat similar bank offerings.
    Leasing opens up a secondary line of credit for small business.
    Its is simple and convenient.

Why do we lease?

Muise Equipment Leasing will lease almost any asset a business will use that is over $2,500 in value. We serve a number of industries and are open to discuss any equipment finance possibilities for new or used equipment.


 Questions & Answers
Q: How does the process work?

A: Quote the customer a lease payment using our easy quote tools; Send us a Credit Application with basic client information by fax or email; Upon approval, send us an invoice for payment; We will draw up the lease documentation and send it back to you for your customers signature; Once the document is signed, you are free to release the equipment to the customer; We will fund the transaction usually the same day and send the payment to you.

Q: How can leasing increase my profitability?

A: Selling a monthly payment of $220 is an easier sell than one payment of$10,000. Less sticker shock means less price negotiation. Accessories can easily be added to the asset for an extra $10-15 per month.

Q: Why should I promote leasing

A: You are not in business to sell leasing, but to sell product. Leasing allows your client to purchase your product now, absent the cash to do it. More importantly if you are not promoting an easy finance solution your competitors probably are.