MM&A Consulting Services

Export Market Research

MM&A provides customized, in-depth reporting based on more than a decade of hands-on experience in overseas business development and project management services. We know the best sources and channels for obtaining information specifically relevant to your products and services.


Identification of Appropriate Markets

When a company decides to start exporting their product, it is important they understand the global picture and identify early, the most favorable export markets for their product. MMA market studies inform our clients and the strategies developed to export their goods and services.


Export Marketing Plans and Strategies

A rigorous export marketing plan improves the chances of success when entering (new) international markets. To begin, the plan must address market size, competitors, country risk, entry barriers, costs for doing business in this market, geographical and cultural distance, accessibility of distribution channels, public aids, special knowledge of the country and current opportunities.


Government Funding and Funding Applications

MM&A is very familiar with the Provincial and Federal programs available to assist both new and existing exporters. In some case gratuitous funding can be as high as 50% of the expenditures involved. Our assistance can be key to the success of an application. We know, for example, what the agencies are looking for, which activities/expenditures qualify for assistance, how to complete a program application form and how to present accompanying documentation.


Overseas Business Development

Our network of manufactures and resellers, equipped with our knowledge and experience, enables clients to accelerate time-to-market, identify local customers and channel partners, while positioning the client appropriately in the foreign industrial export market.


Joint Venture and Partnership Opportunities

In addition to establishing new sales channels, MM&A can suggest and assist with Joint Venture and Partnership opportunities. Collaboration is crucial to success in new markets.


Trade Missions

MM&A will organize commercial missions to the targeted export market in an effort to negotiate personally with a potential client. The service includes the identification of prospective companies and the presentation of product(s)/service(s) to said companies. We are pleased to organize travel plans for each representative and/or send an interpreter to accompany the party.


Organization of Appropriate Sales Calls/Presentations

Maximize your time and results. MM&A researches and considers the needs and terms of all parties before pre-selecting the participating companies.


Commercial Agents/Distribution Selection

MM&A identifies commercial agents who are specialized in specific sectors and comply with the indicated profile. Collaboration with a commercial agent who works with an established clientele is favorable when entering new markets. More specifically,  MM&A will:

  • Profile new Agency, Distributor, or Strategic Alliance partners based on pre-established criteria
  • Establish representation goals - management, incentives, accountability, effectiveness
  • Identify end-user profiles, key account identification and market size estimates
  • Refine sales structure – establish agreed upon metrics, customer approach, sales process, administrative tracking and reporting
  • Ensure proper agreements are in place.


Export Management Coaching

MM&A offers coaching services for those directly involved in the (new) export process, as well as to more established companies wanting to enter new markets. This service includes developing an export strategy, training for the individual(s) selected to manage the export process as well as ongoing consultation with senior management.


Experienced, High Level Sales Management

MM&A comes with the depth and breadth of senior-level sales management experience required to succeed in the export business. They can focus on:

  • Negotiating and Closing
  • Key objections analysis and strategy implications
  • Proactive target list identification
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system implementation
  • Sales Representative performance assessments
  • Sales approach, bundling, and USP usage
  • Key account sales - targets, projections, goals
  • Selling tools usage - analysis, refinement
  • On‑line sales support activities
  • Automated lead handling management and analysis.


Trade shows / Fairs / Assisstance

MM&A also identifies relevant trade shows and conferences for their clients and provides detailed Pre- and Post-Trade Mission preparation and follow-up reports. MM&A accompanies clients to international fairs to provide support, introduce products to international clients and make sales. Comprised of professionals with experience in diverse sectors, MM&A can choose among team members so that each company is provided a perfect fit.    


Access to Key Influencers

MM&A creates lists of key in-market influencers that can effectively help bolster your export sales effort. Such influencers and referral partners include Canadian Consulate representative, Industry Associations or lobby groups, relevant consultants, complementary product or service providers to your chosen market, as obvious examples.


We provide the tools and systems to execute the export strategy plan. You provide us with quarterly financial reporting to measure export results.

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