Inflate the Value of Your Business by Harnessing the Power of Social Media

Power of Social Media


If the true value of your business lies in its transferable value, then having a unique, trusted brand customers and noncustomers alike can recognize will distinguish your company from your competitors, making it far more attractive to potential buyers. The more recognizable your brand, the lower the risk for purchasers.


Marketing and Sales are Your Secret Weapons When Selling Your Business

Sell Your Business


Of the top 7 ways to maximize the value of your business before you sell, Business Development Canada lists increasing profit and sales to be 2 of the most important. And how do you realize that lofty goal? Marketing. Marketing is the silent but powerful force behind increasing profits and sales, and these days, you can do it quite inexpensively. All you need is a plan, focus, and hard work. Marketing leads to sales, and sales lead to profit.


Barriers to Entry Can Be the Secret to Realizing Top Dollar for Your Business


In today’s market, buyers are far more likely to take their time on due diligence and even more time deciding on just the right business to buy. They’re more thoughtful and careful currently, so polishing your value drivers before you go to sell is the smartest move you could make before you go to sell.