The Basics of Business Development

You may have heard of Business Development (also known as Biz Dev) departments in large organizations, but you may not understand what they do or how you can apply their concepts to your own business. Take some notes from our conversation with Neil Patel, Volusion's Director of Business Development, to help you get started. You will not only learn about business development, but you will also discover new ideas to compliment your progress.


Business Financing Mistakes You Can’t Afford To Make

Independent venture start-up expenses can without much of a stretch get into the six figures, and that is all cash spent before you can even open your entryways. Regardless of whether you have a savings to get your business going, it's totally conceivable that you must acquire cash to cover the rest. What's more, with so numerous independent venture credits to look over, it's not in every case simple for most business visionaries to realize where to start.