Selling a Business

Deciding to sell your business is a complex decision and, most likely, one of the biggest financial events in your life. To get maximum value for your business, it’s critical that you have professional representation to properly position it in the market.

With Muise Mergers & Acquisitions assisting you, you can focus on running your business profitably, while we market, help negotiate and assist in closing the transaction.

As it can take over a year to position your business for sale, meeting with us well in advance of going to market can significantly improve results. Our consultations are confidential and without obligation.

Some of the advantages of using us include:

  1. Locating qualified buyers and insulating the seller from business interruptions
  2. Allowing the seller to focus on their operation of their business
  3. Vacillating the transaction without emotion
  4. Experience in business valuations and sales transactions
  5. Access to an inventory of buyers

For owners selling their business, it's wise to remember the buyer will be less emotional regarding the sale than the you. Another point worth remembering is that buyers won't pay for potential. Put another way, buyers don't want the seller to profit from the buyers future hard work and investment.

Typical private company transactions differ from general business brokerage transactions in that they tend to be larger, more complex and the acquirers are more sophisticated. These opportunities, when handled properly, are rarely advertised on the internet and require a strategic marketing approach.

Matching buyers and sellers in these types of transaction requires exhaustive research and planning to identify the appropriate prospects, followed by a methodical, process-driven approach to achieve a successful outcome.

Our M&A professionals follow the rigorous process defined below which has proven successful for our many clients throughout the years.


Muise Mergers & Acquisitions Sell-side Methodology

Define Goals

This is a critical step to identifying success from your perspective.
Understanding both our business and personal goals will ensure the proper exit plan is developed.


Preparation of an independent third-party will identify the true market value of the business.

Confidential Memorandum

This document is the primary tool in presenting your business to potential acquirers.
This overview of your business is key in creating buyer excitement.


Identifying, reaching, attracting and screening potential acquirers are keys to maximizing the ROI of your transaction. This requires a strategic and proactive approach.

Deal Negotiation

We oversee every aspect of your negotiation while minimizing your exposure.

Due Diligence and Closing

Our team of professionals will manage the due diligence process to ensure the potential
acquirers stay on task and consummate the transaction in a timely manner