Sell Your Business

Sell Your Business

When should I sell my business in Canada? has become a perennial subject for business owners around the country, one that is often contemplated but rarely addressed. Many aspects will influence when you should sell your business, including your age and retirement aspirations, business worth, income replacement, tax repercussions, family succession selling plans, and customer care, to name a few.

If you're planning to sell your business, the consultants at Muise Mergers & Acquisitions Inc. can help you obtain the most money for it. We'll put our knowledge, expertise, and connections to work for you, helping you at every stage of the transaction.


We provide a wide range of information to guide you with selling a business. Our brokers can assist you with:


  • Promoting your business
  • Identifying and qualifying potential buyers
  • Negotiating the sale conditions


You'll get the confidence and peace of mind that only a qualified and experienced business broker can provide when you sell through Muise Mergers & Acquisitions Inc.


Why Sell a Business with Muise Mergers & Acquisitions Inc.?

We specialize in Canadian businesses for sale at Muise Mergers & Acquisitions Inc. As we assist you in selling a business, this provides us with a unique degree of experience, skill, and insight. Furthermore, we have personal business-owning experience.


Before joining Muise Mergers & Acquisitions Inc., each of our business brokers was a successful business owner and/or manager. As a result, you can buy a business with simplicity and peace of mind at every step of the process, thanks to our expertise and experience.


Our Process

When helping clients sell their businesses, we at Muise Mergers & Acquisitions Inc. don't believe in a one-size-fits-all strategy. Instead, our business people use a disciplined technique to bring bids to the table while maintaining the confidentiality and minimizing company disruption.


Here's a quick rundown:

1- Analyze and Prepare Your Business

We know what buyers want to see in a company, and we can work with your team of trusted advisors to put your company in the best possible position to sell for the best price and in the shortest amount of time.


2- Create Deal Structures and Value Estimates

For each person and business, the best business structure is unique. We can present several transaction formats for you and your financial advisors to evaluate in addition to delivering our professional assessment of value.


3- Start Your Confidential Internet Promotion

An internet marketing/promotions/strategy is necessary for some firms. We'll market your business on industry-leading websites where buyers go. Buyers are searching the internet for information about businesses for sale, and we make sure they can find your business.


4- Respond to & screen buyers

Our marketing strategy is to create buyer leads, which we will then follow up on and screen. Then, we'll take that lot and filter it down to individuals who appear to be serious, have the financial means to succeed, and, ultimately, the best prospects for the business.


5- Manage buyers and evaluate offers

Our method is designed to attract the most competitive offers from the most qualified buyers. We'll work with your expert advisors to help you weigh the benefits and drawbacks of each deal.


6- Accelerate due diligence

We will assist in coordinating the due diligence process once an offer has been accepted and confirmed. To keep the process focused and quick, we'll collaborate with accountants, attorneys, and lenders.


7- Preparing Documents and Closing

We'll help you with the exchange of information with any accountants, attorneys, or lenders, as well as closing documents and logistics, once you've accepted an offer.


Are you ready to sell your business with the help of Muise Mergers & Acquisitions Inc.? To reach your local office, call (902) 456.6473, or fill out the contact form today.